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Why use a Buyers Agent?


  What is a buyers agent? Do you really need to use one? How concerned with your interests are they? Are they just out to get the commission? These are some questions you may have about having a Alamogordo buyers agent on your side. We hope this article will help clear up some misconceptions of a buyers agent.

 This is technically a buyers market right now where there are an abundance of homes on the Alamogordo market and not enough buyers to purchase them. Meaning the buyers really have the upper hand when it comes to finding a home and negotiating.

  So many sellers have given their homes over to banks and lenders or are in the process of a foreclosure and they are wanting to sell the home for just about whatever they can get for it. This is a great position for buyers to be in. Right now, buyers can find a great deal on Alamogordo real estate and get a lot of inspection issues taken care of from the seller.

  But how do you go about finding a home in the Alamogordo real estate area and carrying out a purchase and sale contract? The best way to do this is to hire the help of a buyers agent. When a seller lists their Alamogordo property with an agent, that agent is considered to be the listing agent. Typically another agent, representing the buyer, would be called the buyers agent OR selling agent as they facilitated the sale of the property.

   A seller typically agrees to a percentage of the profits on the house to go towards the agents responsible for facilitating the transaction. This fee is negotiable and is usually determined at the time of the listing contract. The commission is then split between the agent listing the home and the agent selling the home. If the same agent does both jobs its is considered dual agency and thus the agent receives all the commission. It is a really good idea to enlist the help of a buyers agent to support you in the transaction when you buy a home.

The main reason to use a buyers agent:

It Costs You NOTHING! That's right. If you are a buyer and you enlist the help of a professional Alamogordo real estate agent to assist in the entire transaction, you pay nothing to the agent for their services. The seller of whatever home you buy pays the agent that finds the buyer their half of the commission.

  Using a buyers agent means our agents are working solely for you the buyer, not the seller. We have your best interest at heart and work only for you. It doesn't matter which home you buy as our agents will receive a commission for any home you buy. Our dedicated Alamogordo agents are more concerned about finding the home you are really looking for and making sure the entire transaction is clear and concise and followed out with honestly and professionalism.

There is really no reason not to use a buyers agent. As the buyer, you benefit greatly from the expertise and knowledge of someone that knows the market and knows the details of a transaction and you have someone on your side when it comes to negotiating and contracts.

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