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Debt to income ratio its calculation and benefits

The importance of a credit score while getting approval for a loan or mortgage is well known. A credit rating that is good or high is considered a necessity to availing a loan or mortgage at a favorable rate of interest. But, in reality, just a good credit rating is not sufficient. What one requires to know that is he/she eligible to get approval for a mortgage or a loan is a ratio that is called the debt to income ratio. This very simply can be described as the monthly debt payments you need to pay against your monthly income.

A percentage of one’s monthly income that goes towards paying debts, the debt to income ratio should never be misinterpreted for a credit utilization that is the amount of debt in context to the credit limit of an individual. A debt to income ratio that is high somehow indicates that the expenses are amounting up to a figure that is unmanageable. Thus, saying that the debt ratio is one very important number that one must be acquainted with in today’s scenario is very much true.

The debt to income ratio or DTI is also of vital utility to all the lenders especially the auto lenders and mortgage ones to calculate the figure about what is the amount of loan that one can handle. Today calculating the DTI has been made a very easy task that all can accomplish even by self. One can now use the Debt to Income Ratio worksheet to calculate the ratio or also the ratio calculator available as a free alternative on many online sites can help.

Very simply the debt to income ratio equals the monthly debt payments one needs to pay divided by the monthly income of any person. Thus, the first step to calculate the ratio is to know that how much one spends every month on the debt payment. Also, apart from debts one needs to calculate that how much amount they spend on mortgage or rent, car loans if any, minimum credit card payments, Child support payments, student loans and all the other types of loans.

So, calculate your debt to income ratio all by self by using the many tools available just a click away or take an expert assistance. For, this figure can be of great help to save you from getting trapped in a debt that will eventually turn out to be the biggest hassle of your life. So, get out of debts and stay out of the same in the future by calculating your debt to income ratio today.

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