Alamogordo NM Real Estate

First Time buyers of Alamogordo Real Estate

So you think you want to buy a house...  where do you start?First time Alamogordo Real Estate Buyers

First of all, learn the financing basics and how to get your finances in order or find out if they already are.  

Once you have your finances in order and you have a pre-approval letter in hand, find a buyer's agent to help you scope out a new home. Not every agent is just trying to get you to buy the first house you come across. There are buyer's agents and listing agents.

The listing agent assists the seller in marketing the seller's home. The buyer's agent help a buyer find a home and faciliate the transaction. Best part is; IT COSTS NOTHING TO USE A BUYER'S AGENT!!! The buyer's agent gets paid from the seller of whichever home you buy so the buyer's agent is looking out for your best interest, not the interest of the seller. It doesn't matter which home you choose, the seller will always pay part of that commission to the buyers agent, also called the selling agent.

We have agents that can help you find just the right home and are proficient in specific neighborhoods and communities around Alamogordo.

Once you have found the right home, your agent will help with every step of the transaction from offer to closing. We will help explain any part of the transaction in detail so you know exactly what you are signing and which steps you may need to take.

One thing you will want to consider is your home owner's insurance. If you were previously a renter, you may have had renter's insurance. This is similar in that it will protect your home and personal property in case of fire or theft.

After all the documents and contingencies have been agreed upon, you will sign all the paperwork and in about 1-2 business days your home will close. This means that all funds have been disbursed and the home is now yours!

For any more information on homes you may find on this site or any Alamogordo real estate info, don't hesitate to contact one of our agents.