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How Paint Color Can Determine Your BuyerPaint your home in Alamogordo NM

Everyone has heard how bright paint colors turn off buyer and that neutral is in. But thats about where it ends. What is the reasoning behind it and how can you make your colors sell the home?

For starters take a good look at your house as is. When was the last time you painted? If it's been more than 5 years, its time to repaint no matter what the color. A fresh coat of paint is always a welcome site and provides a clean slate for new buyers.

Check the paint colors and determine if you will need a primer or simply a paint color with primer in it. Most reds, blacks or dark colors will need something serious to cover over them especially if you are going with a lighter color.

Consider smells too. Cigarette odor can permeate the walls and ceilings and leave not only the smell behind but the dull yellow. Soot soaked candle wicks can do the same thing and actually leave marks when studs are. Its a good idea to start fresh with a good blanket coat of white primer on the walls and the ceilings. If the trim is painted, you might consider touching it up but not unless it is painted. Wood trim is still more desirable and if there are not previous paint spots or scuffs in it, its best to leave it. Learn more about the power of smells.

Make sure you don't use to many different colors when painting. You want rooms to flow into one another and not seem chopped up by the color. Which ever spot you are standing in a room, if you can see another color, make sure it's clearly defined as another room.Two different colored walls in the same room makes the room seem small and confusing. You don't want buyers so distracted by the Paint can help sell your property in Alamogordo New Mexicocolor they can't see the actual house.

Colors should feel warm and inviting, not cold and hemmed in. Choose colors that match and compliment the trim, furnishings and style of the home. This doesn't mean baby blue in a 70's home but those that update the home with mocha and creamy latte colors. White trim is popular in many new homes these days and adds a clean touch.

Visit model homes in the area and check out what your potential buyers are seeing. If you home doesn't look like these, take notes and start to work painting so your home screams, "BUY ME"

For more tips on staging and painting your Alamogordo real estate please contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing for you and helping you find the right home.