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What to Expect and Look forward to in 2014

2013 was an awesome year in the real estate industry. We're finally starting to bounce back from the recession and there are more homes selling with a higher profit than in the last five years. Interest rates have been historically low over the last few years though refinancing options and first-time homebuyers have jumped at the chance at getting a great deal on either their first loan or on a refinance. But in the future, we are going to be seeing those interest rates increasing. Here are five things to expect in the real estate industry in 2014.Real Estate Changes for 2014 In Alamogordo NM

2014 is set to be a really exciting year in the real estate industry. It's a good time to buy, sell and invest but probably not the best option to refinance unless you can go at least 1% lower than you have now. 

Guest Post by Columbus Real Estate Professional, Don Payne

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