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Moving to Alamogordo ought to feel like coming home. That is what we aim to do. Whether you need help with finding out which schools would work best for your family or where to set up a new business. You can find anything that will feed your passions in Alamogordo.

We see many people relocate to the area, and we are now experts at helping families find their home sweet home right here.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask any of our helpful agents. We are more than happy to provide more resources for you. Welcome to Alamogordo! We are glad to have you here!

Elementary Schools in Alamogordo NM

New Mexico State University Alamogordo is a two-year community college established in 1958. As of 2016, it has approximately 1,800 students.[115] There are two high schools, three middle schools, and 11 elementary schools in the Alamogordo Public School District.

310 Dale Scott Ave

Alamogordo NM (575) 812-5900

2600 19th St

Alamogordo NM (505) 439-3270

2410 E 10th St

Alamogordo NM (505) 439-3270


Middle Schools in Alamogordo NM 

1401 College Ave 

Alamogordo NM (505) 439-3270

High School in Alamogordo NM 

103 Cuba Ave 

Alamogordo NM (575) 812-6500


Colleges in Alamogordo 

2400 N Scenic Dr

Alamogordo NM (575)439-3600 

Cosmetology School 

1011 E 10th St B

Alamogordo NM (575) 437-2221

Chamber of Commerce

Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce 

1301 N White Sands Blvd

Alamogordo NM (800) 826-0294