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Frequently Asked Questions from those Selling Alamogordo Real Estate


Selling in this market can be tough but finding the right agent to market your Selling Alamogordo real estatehome and gaining tips and strategies right off the bat can help tremendously when you need to sell fast and for the right price.


Some questions we have heard from sellers:

It really depends on the market we are in. In a seller's market homeowners need to do little more than mention their house is for sale and can potentially get loads of offers. But in this buyers market, we are in now, it takes skill and keen marketing techniques to know what is selling, for how much and how to get it sold!

As the representative for your home, we value your concerns about your price and how to fix up your home. Using an agent puts fresh, non-biased eyes on your home and even though it may sound cold, our main objective is to sell your home. We are not as emotionally attached to the property as you might be and this is a good thing! It means our sole objective is selling your home. This is a valuable asset to have on hand when negotiating and completing the transaction.

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That is the best part... you don't have to. We put our expertise to work for you and research all the homes and comparable properties on the market currently and also what has sold that is similar to your home. We will present you with a range of prices that we feel your home could fall into. Depending on the condition of your home we may feel you could get more or less from it. It is ultimately your decision of course what price point you want to start at.

Again, WE DO! We are professionals in the details of buying and selling real estate and have the opportunities to visit hundreds of homes and open houses to know what is being sold and how we can help make your home that which buyers want. We can devise simple staging techniques and ideas to help market your home to a wide variety of buyers.

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That is something we cannot foresee. With the right pricing up front and the proper staging, we can help present to buyers a home that will be irresistible. It is up to you as the homeowner to keep the home in top selling condition during the listings though and do your job to help sell your home. We use all forms of marketing tools available to advertise your listings and will be available for showings and helping buyers make their way to your home.

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