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Is NOW Really the Best Time to Buy? 

 So many potential home buyers are waiting out the market to see if it is going to get any worse before they buy. But is this really the most beneficial move? Of course, as real estate agents, we would want you to buy now as it keeps us in business. But all that aside, as a home buyer, it really is a smart move to make.

  Investing in something you can actually live in and use for the duration of the investment and beyond makes such financial sense. Right now, the rates are the lowest in decades.  A number of homes on the market make for a fantastic choice on top of the fact you don't have to rush to buy a home now either. A couple years ago, buyers were snatching up homes so fast at astronomical prices that first-time buyers didn't know where to look next. The home they had just viewed was already under contract.

  Now, buyers have the chance to view a home several times to make sure its the right one for them. They also are in a great negotiating position. Most sellers right now really want to get rid of their homes and are willing to do quite a bit to make that sale happen. By taking your time and finding AND inspecting a home you like, will make you happier down the road.

Also, home tax credits for those buying for the first time this year are an incentive. First-time buyers receive $8000 on their next tax return just for buying a house.

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