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The White Sands National Park in Alamogordo NM 


If you are visiting Alamogordo, New Mexico, you will be surprised at all there is to do in the area.  Many people overlook the obvious and never take advantage of the area’s rich natural resources and unique topography! One great example of natural beauty is White Sands National Monument.  Operated by the National Park Service, this expansive park is home to 275 square miles of white sand desert. White Sands Park in Alamogordo New Mexico

Before you make some joke about “all beach and no water,” consider how important this area is to the eco system in the United States.  The white sands are comprised of gypsum and the monument preserves the dune field and all the plants and animals that have made a home in this ever changing environment.

 As you might expect, the monument offers many interpretive programs, education opportunities for children and some really memorable trails. In fact, the monument offers both dawn and sunset hiking opportunities so you can see firsthand the biodiversity this area brings to our nation. Add to that an amazing tour of Lake Lucero with a Park Ranger and you’ll know more about the formation of the sands than many lifelong residents.  This once a month tour requires reservations and is weather dependent, so be sure to check it out far in advance of your trip to the area.

If you are fortunate enough to visit Alamogordo, New Mexico, don’t overlook the desert! Still need some convincing?  Go online today and take a virtual tour of the park and you’ll soon agree that this is a ‘not to be missed” opportunity that will make your trip to Alamogordo truly memorable.

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